Project Description
YAFA for tracking music ratings and statistics.

End state of these tools, utilities, plug-ins, and services will be to allow merging of statistic data between the various services and repositories in which users store their musical preferences. Examples of musical preferences include rating information and play history. Examples of services include, Facebook, iLike, Windows Media Player, and iTunes.

Current implementation provides a Web Service and Repository for incoming media posts and a Client application to scan a user repository (Windows Media) and submit posts for the media found.

Upcoming releases include:
  • Enhancing the Client to upload from an iTunes repository
  • Adding a Windows Media plug-in to submit play history
  • Adding an iTunes plug-in to submit play history
  • Adding a WinAmp plug-in to submit play history
  • Enhancing Web Service to return Statistic Feeds
  • Enhancing Web Service to provide Facebook interactions
  • Addition of Lyric Synchronization service
  • Integration of Lyric Search and Lyric Cloud with Web Service

Direct contact is preferred if you'd like to help or have questions.

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